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PlantforLife aims to help you get the most from your garden with gardening advice, gardening information and inspirational ideas for the garden.

It’s not only our perceptions of gardening and planting that have taken a turn for the better. In fact, over the last four years we’ve seen more people taking action with people increasingly doing more and more with their gardens...
The Environment report offers some simple ideas and steps to further improve your green credentials.


Time to plant spring flowering bulbs

With the nation unaware about how and when to plant a spring garden, Plant forLife is championing the daffodil and encouraging Britain to start ‘Digging for daffs’. Teaming up with celebrity plantsman, Chris Collins, PlantforLife wants to educate people on when to plant spring bulbs.

Chris Collins tips for a spring garden makeover!

Sensory Challenge

PlantforLife launched a competition to challenge schools across the country to design their own sensory garden which they could win. Information on how to create your own sensory garden


HTA and RHS Easy Guide to Gardening Videos

As an accompaniment to the popular HTA and RHS Easy Guide leaflet series, the six most popular ScentsationalEasy Guides are now available as new videos.

Learn more about gardening with some  handy gardening hints and tips from Simon Akeroyd, gardener at RHS Wisely.


Chris Collins

Chris Collins Inspires!

Gardening expert Chris Collins has teamed up with Plant forLife to provide you with all the inspiration and encouragement you need to get gardening.Check out what gardening tips Chris has to offer this month.

Chris Collins

Ride-on Mowers Winter Maintenance: What to Do Before Storage

Lawn mowers are great companions, especially during spring. However, after spring comes summer, fall, and eventually winter, which means that your mower will be on standby for a while. Some conditioning needs to be done for your mower to work well when spring comes again. Here are some pieces of advice on how to best maintain a high quality ride on mower over the winter period for storage.

Refresh Your Mower's Fuel

One of the things that you can do especially if your mower still has some fuel in it is to empty it as much as possible. If you opt to leave the oil inside, you need to put in and mix it with new gasoline and fuel stabilizer. By adding this mixture, you can prevent the gas from going stale. Stale gas can cause corrosion and clogging of the engine's carburetor. When the engine does not work well, it'll be hard for you to start the mower when spring comes.

Remove the Dirt

Before storing your mower for the winter season, you need to clean it up so that dirt will not build up on its blades and deck. By doing this, you will be able to preserve the sharpness of its blades. The ride on mower will be in its top condition once you use it again. 

Change the Oil

A swift change of its oil before leaving it on standby during winter would be a great help when spring time comes. It is a must to ensure that dirt and other extraneous particles to be removed from your mower's engine oil in order for it to lubricate well.

Remove its Battery

If your mower is one of those with a battery, make sure to take the battery out. Do not forget to clean its terminals as well.

Store in the Right Place

Proper storage of mowers, especially riding mowers, should be observed. mowers should be kept in a place safe enough for it to be away from outdoor factors such as the snow and animals that might cause damage and obstruct the engine with extraneous objects. As much as possible, cover your mower with a tarp or any substitute cloth. Of course, do not forget to store it in a safe place away from away from children who might play with it.

Chris Collins

Cheap Alternatives to Gun Safes

Gun safes keep weapons away from hands that might cause harm to others. However, a gun safe is quite expensive if your sole purpose is to store sharp and dangerous gardening tools that can be used a weapon. Thus, this article will provide some alternatives for a expensive gun safe for your garden shed.

Use a Large Toolbox 

This is one of the most readily available alternatives for a garden shed gun safe. A large toolbox can be used to store different weapons of different sizes. However, the sizes of the weapons must be considered before choosing a toolbox to use for this purpose. The toolbox must have a secure cover for it to be safe from critters. As much as possible, it must have a hook or lock.

Make a Closet or Cabinet Gun Safe

Another way to have a low-cost gun safe for garden weapons is to build one. By building your own gun safe, you will have the liberty to choose the materials to be used for your safe. You can also customize it in a way that will greatly utilize the space for all of your weapons to fit inside. Once again, this must come with a secure lock to avoid intruders from having access to such weapons.

Improvise Your Own Gun Safe

One of the best ways to save and have a low-cost gun safe is to improvise. For example, you might have a broken and unused refrigerator. You can turn it into something useful. In this case, it can be made into a gun safe for your garden weapons. It cannot be denied that a refrigerator is a really good storage for a lot of things. You just need to be creative in turning it into a safe.

Purchase a Second-hand Gun Safe

This alternative is one that is least hassle. You probably just need to visit a junk shop or find someone who is selling a second-hand gun safe. Second-hand things are expected to be much lesser price than an original one. So, if you are someone who is not fond of building or improvising, this alternative would be the best one for you.

Among all of these alternatives, factors such as the size, material, and security of the safe must be considered in order to have a good use of a gun safe.

Chris Collins

How to Position an Indoor Water Fountain in the Balcony

A lot of people do not really give much importance to how their furniture and decorations are placed inside their homes. As long as everything looks neat and organized, then they are happy. However, others give emphasis on proper positioning of different things inside the home. One of the people who have something to say about it is Feng Shui experts.

For Feng Shui experts, placement of things must be planned well because it could either attract a positive or a negative energy which can greatly affect the lives of those who are living or working in that particular home or place. The following are some of the advice Feng Shui experts on how to position an indoor water fountain. After all, the fountain should not only be a thing for enjoyment and relaxation. It should also be a magnet of positive energy.

According to experts, it is best to place a indoor water fountain in the following positions/directions:

  • East – This direction pertains to good health and good family relations.
  • Southeast – This direction, on the other hand, pertains to wealth and money that one might acquire.
  • North – This pertains to a good career path and life direction.

Feng Shui experts also provide some things to remember in looking for the best position for a water fountain.

Do not place it in the Southern direction. According to them, such direction needs a strong fire element, and if a water element is brought into it, it will create a bad and conflicting energy. Water should always flow toward the house. Why? Water means wealth, and if it flows toward the house, it means that you are inviting wealth.

These are just some of the many pieces of advice Feng Shui experts have on water fountain positioning. Considering spatial arrangement and orientation, it seems like positioning a simple water fountain will take more time than you think. But don't be discouraged. After all, good luck is coming your way!


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